Sunday, December 5, 2010


I can't really place myself right now. Not with you, not with friends, not with long nights and short breaths. I know I love you, and that is all I know or sure of at this time. Things will change, I'm just awaiting the next kick.. But I'm alright with where it takes us because I know how I feel about you.

Friday morning I really cherished every moment, hope you can comprehend the way I value you. One look, a few words, a smile.. You send me to my heaven, sanctuary, and the world is quiet here. My ultimate goal being to make you feel just as good. We were together and nothing mattered, that is my favorite thing about us is you make me feel like I'm staying this young forever. Infinite. Or at least like this moment is all that exists. 

All those moments we could have shared later that night.. LSDream was amazing. The music, the pit, I felt like it really brought people closer together, the people I wanted closer. It was an amazing night. Really, unforgettable just like last years. Everyone; smiles and conversation and pure joy. I wish the few people that really lit up my night knew how much I need more of them. 

A few hours ago we were at Skins which turned out to be pretty good, it was a sweet atmosphere.  Some things just still come to me as a shock. This fucking generation, keeps racing..

Close your eyes, take my hand, we'll forget anything ever existed.
now you're not picking up your phone. I hope things are not too bad I hope it doesn't hurt too bad because I love you so much it stings me imagining you hurting. I'm really scared of the next time I'll be speaking to you.. Fuck. Methamphetamine.. Cheers.

Now its 4:30 am and I'm laying in Ella's bed and lis
tening to whispering. Drifting.. Drifting.. I love you.

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