Saturday, December 11, 2010

At the Juice Bar..

I can't lie.. I lost count.
I really fucked up, it felt so good and I fell out of track. Gotta get back up.. Gotta get back up.. But you keep pushing me down. Because its safe down here and all you want is for me to be okay.. But sure as hell I can't give up now. I need to fight for this, so we can fit together better as puzzle pieces to this story's front cover. Because I want us. But things changed didn't they..
It is the way you described it, the intimacy, everything feels so good about this except you.. You changed. In a way, you're doing a lot better now. Its like you aged and matured in a month. But here is where you don't need my help anymore. You're almost figured out and I know everything will be alright with you, in the short run at least. 

Remember you asked me if you are just another project to me? A project to complete, polish, and give myself the a grade for the feeling of self accomplishment. Whether or not there is true love behind this goal I am trying to achieve? I think this is where we get our answer. Here, or this week or this month. You’re a lot better, and it took less time than I assumed, so once its complete and ready to be handed in.. Will you and I remain us or just you and I? Because now I'm just wondering, do you even need me emotionally now? Or is it physical, like all your past addictions.

Just because I need you, doesn't mean
Top of FormTop of FormI'm lost.

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