Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another Night Out With The Kooks

Ah heading to Moose and Firkin to celebrate Ds and Js birthdays.. I don't even need to remind myself how amazing tonight is going to be. Its the same everytime I walk into the bar, the smiles, I am so proud to call these people my friends. The best part are the conversations. I can't find another word except intelligent, the moment they open their mouths I remember the reason to why we are friends. How they save me from the mediocre world I inhibit. 

Except my mother ruined the rush for me.. But it's all right, cause that got fixed with 30 dollars and Alfie's face. 
Lights, music, laughter, girls in the bathroom with powder all over their nose.. 
Please don't do this.. You're my best friend. I guess if you do it I'll do it too. One...two..three.. I can't even look anyone in the eye anymore. It tastes like death but it looks like fun.

So it starts sometime around midnight,
As I stand under the bar light, and the piano's this melancholy soundtrack to his smile.
And the way his hair looks, I haven't seen him for a while.
But I know that he's watching, he's laughing he's turning he's holding his drink like a crux.
The rooms suddenly spinning,I walk up and asks how you are,
So I can smell his cologne I can see myself laying in your arms,
And so there's a change in my emotions, and all these memories come rushing like feral waves to my mind, of the curl of our bodies like two perfect circled entwined, and I feel hopeless and homeless and lost in the haze of the wine.
And my friends say what is it you look like you've just seen a ghost, then I walk under the streetlights and I'm too drunk to notice that everyone is staring at me.
I just have to see him, I know that he'll break me in two.

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