Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You grow up and you never know father. You grow older, you don't know family at all. You spend years wondering streets and homes and schools and parties and dinners, stores and garages, tunnels and airports; looking for family. You look in your phone book, and you look through your photos. You search for this family, because its all you ever wanted. You look long and carefully and hard but you can't find it. So you spend your years perfecting yourself. You spend your years learning to be alone. You learn to survive and over come, you learn to hold your own hand. You learn to understand independence and how the world works. You learn the truth. Then one day you realize you never knew what loneliness was. Because you never knew another way of life. You never missed anyone, and you were never helpless. You missed what you never had because you watched too many movies about love and dad and mom and husband. You get sad when you hear "I wish you were here" but then you realize, there is nobody out there you could possibly be speaking to..

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